What do minorities expect from the European Union? Read the FUEN EU Elections Manifesto!

We, the traditional minorities of Europe, believe in a Europe that proudly preserves its cultural richness, traditions and linguistic diversity. The Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) and its member organisations stand for a culturally and linguistically rich and democratic European Union, where national and linguistic minorities flourish.

Now, as the date for the European elections (6-9 June 2024) is getting closer, it is time to evaluate the current state of minority protection in the European Union and to propose changes. Despite the fundamental rights guarantees provided for in its treaties, the EU still lacks a comprehensive minority policy. Because of this, steps need to be made to achieve the ideal state we envision for Europe. The FUEN 2024 EU Elections Manifesto enlists our requests, including:
— the adoption of minority protection norms within the EU
— a European strategy for the protection and promotion of national and linguistic minorities
— the full implementation of the Copenhagen Criteria in the candidate countries
— the reestablishment of the Minority Intergroup in the European Parliament
— the establishment of an advisory group for the European Commission focusing on traditional national and linguistic minorities

The participation in the European elections between 6-9 June 2024 is of outmost importance for the future of minorities. We strongly encourage voting for candidates from our minority communities to ensure our voices are heard in European politics and policy-making!

Read the FUEN 2024 EU Elections Manifesto HERE!

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